CraZ TechZ believes in an ideal computer educational and recreational environment for children of 7 to 17 years of age. Programs are set up during after school hours and week long breaks to provide a convenient and safe learning place for kids to have fun developing useful technology skills. We focus on problem solving and thought provoking projects in a teamwork environment of a 7:1 counselor-student ratio. We aim to develop skills to last a lifetime.

CraZ TechZ includes fun and energetic computer learning programs that give children hands-on computer experience and fun-based instruction with software and hardware. You may choose a special event, an after school program or a week of technology camp for your child.

Look around, computers and various technologies encompass almost every aspect of our lives. As technology develops, we ponder and it becomes necessary to learn about these technologies. CraZ TechZ satisfies these curiosities and helps students become technologically savvy without sacrificing other portions of their lives. In addition to computer and technology projects, our programs include teamwork, social interaction, problem solving and creative thinking and above all, fun fun fun!